Create your WebTV


Create Channels and Video Highlights


Channels and Panels

Allows you to select videos in order to group them by channels. Channels can also be grouped in Panels. Specific videos can be tagged or highlighted. Automated channels can be created using RSS and MRSS.

RSS logos

Multiple Video Source
On demand + Live

Allows you to display together videos coming from:

  • Multidisplay Logos part 1
  • Multidisplay Logos part 2

And so much more...


Rolling display and « smart » calls to action

Video Features

Rolling Display

Allows you to display one or several rolling displays or clickable messages in order to inform or send viewers to a specific page.

Info Buttons

Allows the viewer to go towards an info page which is related to the video or channel being watched.


Sends the viewer towards your site when he clicks on your logo.

Video Features

Open Buttons

Allows you to freely name buttons to direct viewers towards a dedicated page or process when he clicks on the button and to schedule their visiblity.

Ticket Buttons

Allows you to forward viewers towards your pages which sell or distribute tickets.

Visual and reactive panels as calls to action


Allows you to ask the viewer his email, his phone number or any question.


Allows to ask viewers to vote on a video, a project, an idea...


Allows you to propose viewers to download digital documents or files from your videos.

Email, Vote, Attach

Email Panel

Allows to propose the viewer to give their email or phone number (e.g. in order to be put on your newsletter's mailing list).



Allows to ask viewers to vote on a video.



Allows to propose viewers to download digital documents from the videos.

Ads Display

Video Ads
Video Ads

Utoolize Ads

Allows you to promote specific events, partners or sponsors through clickable pictures or short videos.

Google AdSense

Allows you to use Google AdSense with your videos, your channels or your WebTV.


Allows you to use Video Ad-Serving Template for serving in-stream video advertisements.

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Share Everything

Live Sharing

Get your videos shared with all their features.
Change or update content even after being posted on social networks or blogs.

Social logos
Social Browsers

One Dashboard

Metadata Editing

Easy CMS

Do everything you want on your WebTV, panels, channels, playlists, videos or related content with a magical CMS.

Metadata Editing

Adapt or change any related parts of your content (such as video name, description, message of the rolling display, chapters, subtitles ...)

Dashboard Interface
Multilingual Exemples
Multilingual Exemples

Multilingual Content

Allows you to manage and output Web TV, channels, videos or meta data in multiple languages.


Analytics schema

Tracking Tools

Get any actions performed on your WebTV, channels, videos or any related content tracked and get customized reports or in depth data mining using Google Analytics or Comscore.

Analytics Logos
Analytics schema


Email to webTV
SEO services


Get your videos ready for search engines and make them more visible in search results

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SEO services

Customization and Devices

Multiple different designs
Multiple different designs

Code and Layout Separation

Our webTVs Code and design are fully independent. Use our basic static or responsive templates or get your own 100% customized and truly match your branding.

Devices and browsers

Devices and Browsers

Be completely compatible with all traditional and modern browsers and with any devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, phablets and soon Smart TVs.

Devices and browsers

Special Options

Slides and Video
Slides and Video

Slide Sync

Allows you to display slides or pictures, from your lectures, in perfect sync with your videos.

Video with subtitles


Allows you to create subtitles in the CMS or to use compatible srt or txt files formats.

Video with subtitles